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Summer 2018 Game 7

Updated: May 10, 2019

Game 1 in the top league was a rough one for The Ride, but in the end they got the W.

Mustache Ride vs. Hoopdome Heat, 10pm.


Mustache Ride (6-0) Hoopdome Heat (3-3)

Ned - 11.8 PPG Jake Goldfarb - 22.5 Syed - 5.8 Assists

Ned - 9.0 REB

Ad - 2.8 STL

Lakeshore Boat Services proved to be more of a challenge than expected as The Ride struggled to a 49-45 victory last week. Once again poor outside shooting was at fault as The Ride shot only 14% from 3. On the positive side, they only turned the ball over 7 times yet had 17 assists, led by Syed with 7.

This week a new team is on the docket: Hoopdome Heat (3-3). HH got through qualifying with a 3-2 record that included both a forfeit-loss and a forfeit-win. In the 3 games they actually played they beat Untouchables (75-46) and BHB Vol 7 (78-62) while losing to Big Brick Ballers (61-35). Last week in their first upper league game they lost 78-74 to HD1. They are led by Jake Goldfarb scoring 22.5ppg and Ryan Delmar scoring 20.7ppg.


The Ride 54 - Hoopdome Heat 48

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