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2019 Krupnik Cup Recap

The more things change, the more they stay the same.



The 2019 edition of the World's Preeminent All-Terrain Bocce Tournament saw lower then usual attendance. Only 13 people vied for the title as Big Al's brother (who shall not be named) abandoned the cottage at the last minute. Joti Gill took over planning for the first time this year and instituted a change in format. Instead of round-robin pool play followed by a single elimination bracket, the 2019 Krupnik Cup was decided by a double-elimination tournament. This change led to a higher level of competition in the early matches as all participants were invested right from the beginning.

First Round


Joti used the data provided to her by the CBA Director of Analytics to determine the seedings and they yielded very interesting and compelling matchups. 2017 champ, Jeremy Barker, was upset early falling 11-5 to Kathryn Sharp. Ms Sharp used her patented early drunk/extra loud technique and prevailed comfortably. The remainder of the first round was chalk as all other high seeds went through.

Second Round


In the second round another top seed fell as Cynthia Neilson took down defending champion Grande Alberto 13-10. Cynthia played the game of her life and was aided by strategic erection-related heckling by Kate. BA fell to the losers bracket after his first match. Once again, there was only a single upset in the winners bracket, but in the first match of the losers bracket Jer was once again upset losing to Joti 15-6. A shocking turn of events for a previous champion, but perhaps a hangover from the controversy of the 2018 tournament.

Third Round


The third round flew by as both matches were decided by 13+ points as Syed defeated Colin and Ned beat Cynthia.



Syed defeated Ned 17-16 in one of the best matches in bocce history. Neither player put a bocce ball wrong during the match. The two competitors played primarily by the beach and made incredible shot after incredible shot in high leverage situations. Tied at 16, Syed's final ball was the deciding factor dealing Ned a crushing blow to his title hopes.

Losers Bracket


Big Al eventually battled his way through the losers bracket to make his 5th final. BA fought through 5 matches to put his opening loss behind him and defeated Ned for the second straight year in his loser-side semi.

The Finals


Presumptive favourite Syed met BA in the final, and despite Joti's rule that attendance was mandatory, the final was sparsely attended as not even the players' wives came out to watch. BA and Syed played all around the cottage, going from the No Jump Court down to the Septic Plateau to the Beach and then around the cottage to the Well and Amy's Mound. Such variety in terrain allowed the players skill to shine. Eventually Syed emerged triumphant winning his unprecedented 4th title by a final score of 21-15. Despite the high level of play, the final seemed anti-climactic as the cinematographer did not record any of the match and the stands were barren.

Other News


Cynthia emerged as the most successful of the women, and had a chance to get further if the Peanut Gallery had provided a bit more support during a match against her husband/nemesis Ned.

By popular vote at the Circle of Krupnic Seance next year's commissioner will be Charlotte Herrold. The CBA Board of Directors is excited to see what lies in store with the third commissioner in three years.



The Other Korcynski will be serving an 8 year cottage suspension for choosing to attend another cottage.

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