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2017 Tournament Recap

The 2017 Tournament saw 15 participants look to secure their place in history by etching their name onto the Krupnik Cup. Four of the six previous title winners were in the field as well as 3 time runner-up and "Best Player to Never Win" Big Al Korczynski. With such a deep and talented field an exciting tourney was in the cards.

Weather a Factor Unseasonably cold weather disrupted a portion of the field who complained of having too cold hands.

Late summer 2017 was a miserable time in the Ottawa Valley, The Neilson Cottage was mired in wet and cold weather. This unseasonably cold weather disrupted a portion of the field as they complained of having too cold hands, but true champions persevered. The rain did affect the course as the Septic Plateau, No-Jump Court and other areas played softer than usual.

Pool Play

The tournament was divided into 3 pools of 5 for 2017. The top 2 finishers from each pool advanced to the playoffs and the final 2 spots were awarded to the top 2 wild-cards based on record and point differential. Pool 1 was won by Jer with Cyn in second. Pool 2 was won by Big Al with Ned in second. Pool 3 was won by Syed with Amy in Second. The two wild-cards were Joti and Mike.

The First Three-Time Titleist

Never in doubt. - Ali "Uncle Pony" Syed

The quarter finals saw two upsets as Mike defeated Jer and Cyn bested Amy. Big Al couldn't overcome the newly-instituted win-by-two rule and lost a tight semi-final to Syed while Cyn's best ever tournament came to an end at the hands of the junior Korczynski, Mike. This set up a final of distinct contrasts between one of the most seasoned champions in Syed and a relative newcomer in Mike. In the end experience prevailed and Syed was crowned the first-ever three-time champion. Asked for comment he replied simply: "Never in doubt".

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