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10th Annual Tournament Preview

A monumental occasion takes place this Labour Day Weekend as The Neilson Cottage plays host to the 10th Annual Cottage Bocce Association Krupnik Cup.


2018 marks the 10th Edition of the Krupnik Cup, the tournament has gone through many changes in the 12 years since the original competition. In 2007, the tournament was not yet integrated and had no round robin portion.

In 2009 the Tournament Committee allowed women to join and expanded the field to reflect the additional competitors. By 2011 we were up to 17 people vying for the title of the Bocce Player of the Year.

Depending on the number of players there have been small changes year-to-year, but the format remains a pool based round robin followed by a single elimination bracket to determine the titleist.


Players to Watch

  • Ali Syed - Last year's champion and the only 3x Champ comes into this year as the 3-2 Vegas favorite for the title. Syed has a lifetime record of 23-7 with a point differential of +89.

  • Cynthia Neilson - Still searching for a breakthrough tournament, Cynthia has the most local knowledge having grown up at the Neilson Cottage. She is the highest rated woman by Vegas with odds coming in at 11-2. She is 10-10 lifetime, but has an ugly -23 differential.

  • Big Al Korczynski - The 4 time defeated finalist is also hoping for a breakthrough, having lost last year in heartbreaking WBT fashion to the eventual Champ. Vegas has BA at 5-2, his career record is 15-10, and he is +30.

  • Amy Korczynski - Amy is the only woman with a net-positive point differential, and is ranked behind only Cynthia amongst the women. She is looking to capitalize on a strong family bocce background to usurp her husband as the top ranked Korczynski.


2018 Format & Pools

The 2018 Tournament will mirror the 2017 edition with 3 pools of 5 competitors. The top 2 from each pool will automatically advance, and the final 2 knockout positions will be filled by 2 wild cards entries based on win-loss record and point differential.

In a new wrinkle, the rules of each match in the round robin will be determined by the two competitors. There will be an option to play to 7, 9, or 11, and whether or not EBIP will left to each pair to debate. Also, WBT will be determined before matches.

There have been some concerning trends in recent years as players have taken liberties in questioning the judgement of the officials. This will no longer be tolerated. Decisions will be final, and there will be no requesting measurements.

Pool A Pool B Pool C

1. Syed 1. Jer 1. Ned

2. Mike 2. Cyn 2. BA

3. Amy 3. Chang 3. Cezan

4. Joti 4. Char 4. Kate

5. Colin 5. Fred 5. Anik


In Memoriam

The Krupnik Cup lost a former champion this year for the first time. Our family will mourn the passing of the 2007 winner and former Mustache Ride member.

RIP - Higgidy Hoss


The Tournament Committee is looking forward to another tremendous event hosted by the Neilson Cottage, and presented by Krupnik Polish Honey Liqueur.

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