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Michael "Rat Doggy" Korczynski

Occasional Racist

(Fake) Dr. Michael J Korczynski (DC) Known around these here parts as RED DOG aka Rat Doggie! This fierce competitor comes ready to play…weighing in at a solid 228 lbs, which is comprised of no upper body or arm strength. This wanna be
athlete has been award such acclaim as:
 1. Our Lady of Lourdes Grade 8 Most Improved Student (1998)
 2. 6x Knights of Columbus Free throw Shooting Kingston Regional Distract Participant
 3. Pacers Basketball Defensive Player (1999)
 4. Holy Cross Crusader Cross Country Coaches Award 2002
 5. Holy Cross Spring League Campion 2x
 6. 3x Lakeshore Pool Boat Race Campion
He has trained in martial arts since the age of 7; mind you it was a free event in the Frontenac Mall and has never returned to perfect the art. Weaknesses include but are not limited to: constantly jumping at no jump, drinking to much and forgetting to care about Bocce, Midday Naps, and loving cycling way to much. His strengths are limitless…sorry that is limited, and they include: Eating corn in the most disgusting manner, wearing spandex and feeling no shame about it, finding
wedding rings and sunglasses that are submerged, quoting movie lines that no one cares about, and the pronunciation of difficult words during board games!

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