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Kate "Another Palm Bay" Sharp

Drunk & Doing the Splits

Kate “Keepin’ it Juicy” Sharp has been shattering glass ceilings since her conception in March of 1980. From her humble beginnings in the small Ottawa Valley town of Renfrew, Ontario - everyone knew Kate was destined for greatness.


As a founding member of the RBA (Renfrew Bocce Association, est. 1984) and the OVBA (Ottawa Valley Bocce Association, est. 1986), Kate solidified a strong presence in the Bocce world. Winning the RBA and OVBA youth championships in 1989 at the tender age of 8, she was forced to compete in the 18+ division in 1990. Kate promptly retired to focus on her studies and to spend time with family and friends.


Kate is no stranger to the rugged hills and treacherous landscape of the Humphries (Neilson) Cottage. She met Cynthia (Humphries (Neilson) Cottage owner and CEO (debatable) of the Neilson/Humphries Clan) during playgroup in 1983 and formed a fast friendship. Some may say that her natural ability and extensive knowledge of the terrain give Kate an unfair advantage over the “competition”. For Kate, it is just another tool in her arsenal, along with killer instincts and an uncanny ability to throw off her opponents with feats of flexibility.


Although Kate has two epic finishes (2015 and 2016 seasons), the Krupnik Cup still eludes her. For most, it would be enough to have a beautiful family, devoted husband and a fulfilling career - but not for Kate. The forced absence from the 2017 tournament still haunts her (or maybe that’s the memory of natural childbirth to a nine pound baby). For Kate, life will
not be complete until the Cup rests in her hands on Sept. 2, 2018.

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