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Frederick Light

New to the Scene

In a 1996 interview published in Light’s hometown newspaper, Kingston This Week, he stated that he was "discovered" while modeling athletic wear at a private party in Los Angeles in the early 1980s. A man within the adult Bocce industry, whom Light did not name, attended the party, was impressed by Light’s physique and gave him his business card.
Light began his adult Bocce career in 1983.[1] Initially, Light performed in gay Bocce under the name Reginald Ramsey (even tho he was not into dudes).[2][3] He later transitioned to straight Bocce. Light has appeared in over 2000 Bocce matches and also directed more than 70 Bocce movies (notably, his North Pole Bocce and Bocce Addicts series), most of them between 1998 and 2007. He has a ‘high launch velocity’ style of play that makes him a danger to trees.

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