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Colin "12 Coors Lights" Sharp

Asleep in a Corner

This summer strap yourselves in and join Colin as he and his trusty sidekick Optimus Prime (Transformers) travel the cosmos in his quest to to become the first Ginger (ie. no soul) champion of the Cottage Bocce Association.


Absent from the tournament last year after a narrow escape from the clutches of Skeletor (He-Man) on the ice planet of Hoth (Star Wars), Colin found the last of the Infinity Stones (Avengers) and defeated Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter) banishing him to the Phantom Zone (Only nerds know). Only then was he able to return the travelling pants to the fires of Mount Doom (more nerd stuff...) the one place where they could be un-made and bring peace to Adventure Bay (Paw Patrol). Follow Colin as travels to Narnia (Chilren's nerd) to complete his training and rediscover his love of nachos and hatred of sour cream. Only once his training is complete will he be able to wield the might of Excalibur and make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs, becoming the one true Bocce Champion of the Humphries (Neilson) cottage.

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