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Cezan "Szechuan" Duong

Descendent of the Cu Chi Clan, Cezan ‘Szechuan’ Duong, is no stranger to combating oppression, from the communist regime to the mental tactics of bocce.

She grew up far removed from such privileged sports, requiring luxuries such as rolling green hills and elaborate Italian made balls. After her parents narrowly escaped war torn Vietnam, they spent 78 days at sea on a rowboat before landing in the welcoming shores of the Scarborough bluffs. With such a harrowing journey behind them, they focused on honing basic survival skills in their children. Swimming was a necessity, as was sprinting, squatting, and to ensure assimilation with their new Canadian culture, and possibly to be used as a sharp weapon if required, skating. Her father once forced her to swim from Downtown Toronto to Markham via the Don River. It was not until her mid 20’s that bocce was introduced to her repetoire, but after years of grueling training under the tutelage of her Tiger parents, she found the appeal of socializing, consuming alcohol, and participating in a sport requiring little to no physical exertion, addictive. She burst onto the local bocce scene like white on rice, ironic, because she ended up marrying into The Barkers, a white family preeminent in the Bocce world. With a new training regiment in place, albeit less Tiger, more house cat, she will be on the prowl for a win at the Krupnik cup.

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