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Amy "Fake Doctor" Korczynski

Not A Real Doctor: A Backstory

(Fake) Dr., Amy Korczynski is a native of Torino, Italy, where the modern origins of the game of Bocce can be traced.  After immigrating to North York, Ontario as a child, (Fake) Dr. Korczynski undertook advanced tuition in bocce from the masters Luigi Premazzi (a painter) and Umberto Gigolo (a made up name), ultimately winning the Junior title for the City of Toronto and becoming the three-time all-Ontario champion. 


Keeping her commitment to bocce at the forefront, (Fake) Dr. Korczynski's academic achievements soon matched her sporting prowess when she also attained a PhD in the artistry and history of the sport from the University of Cambridge in 2010.  Since 2012, she has represented at the Cottage Bocce Association Krupnik Cup while also winning three Barclay Marathons.  Her strong performances and her love of Krupnik (and alcohol and cottage sex in general) have resulted in two appearances in the quarter finals.  In 2015, in an historic match, Dr. Korczynski t̶o̶o̶k̶ ̶d̶o̶w̶n̶ narrowly defeated David Neilson, Supreme Arbiter of Justice and 2x Krupnik Cup Champion. 


Her third book, "The Krupnik Cup: A CBA History," is forthcoming from Barclay Creek Press in 2019. 

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