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Aleksander "Big Al" Korczynski

No Longer The Best Player Never to Win

Aleksander Korczynski aka Big Al, aka B.A. aka Big Easy aka The God Father

Born and raised in K-town. The middle child of 5 to the F-Bomb and Big B.  At an early age he was an overachiever in both sports and academics. He roamed the halls of Holy Cross before a successful stint at Queen's Civil Engineering.  Competition came easy to Big Al, winning early and often. 


There are too many titles and accomplishments to mention, but here are some highlights: multiple city of Kingston basketball (ALCDSB, KASSA, EOSSA, SL, SLSL, CL), volleyball, baseball, and soccer titles.  Multiple City of Kingston All star teams.  After the big move to the GTA, Big Al teamed joined a team of former LCVI grads (not all Graduated) and helped lead them to multiple elite level men's basketball league titles, while recording a tie for most Mustache Ride games played.  He also continued his success in other "sports", winning multiple indoor court and beach volleyball titles, baseball championships, winning both local and away curling bonspiels, and finally breaking through in Malone golf last year. 


After being named the only 3 time brolympics captain, Big Al then switched his focus to one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  No jump volleyball. He became a student of the game, and quickly reached the status of the unanimous (not unanimous) world's best no-jump volleyball player, a title he still holds today (debatable).  Big Al has had a great and storied athletic carer, one most men would be jealous of. Not to mention the multiple cottage sex titles with his smart and sexy wife.  But one title has continued to be just out of his grasp: The coveted Krupnik Cup.  As a three time finalist, he has proven he has what it takes to beat the best.  A couple close calls, win by 2 rule change, and the bocce ball could have rolled Big Al's way.  He will continue to work on his game, so one day (Sept 6 2018) he will be able to shed the moniker "Best Bocce
Player Not to Have wWn The Krupnik Cup."

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